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SM SR Shakanah! by Sheree Johnson

Client Submitted

Photos from our clients. Email "large" photos. Include name of the painter & owner.

Echo Magnifficoo in Bronze

Echo Magnifficoo

Was first resin edition. Sculpted from life in 1999. Enumclaw, WA.

Ultimate Star

Ultimate Star

Was second resin edition. Sculpted from life in 2000. Enumclaw, WA.

Godolphin with Grimalkin the Stable Cat.

Godolphin Arabian

Godolphin the Arabian Stallion with Grimalkin the Stable Cat.


Aisha Arabian Mare

I sculpted my mare Saki Starlight "Sassy" in 2001, Sold out in minutes at Breyerfest 2001.

Annihilator (Angry Drafter)


A Boulonnais Stallion


Alzubra Arabian Mare

Alzubra Arabian Mare


Mirage Arabian Mare

Mirage Arabian Mare

Avalon Bay

Avalon Arabian Mare

Avalon from Stacey Tumlinson's Catalina, CMed by Debbi LerMond

Jahangir 2020 First Casting

Jahangir 2020

Jahangir 2020

Elayna & Faith

Elayna Half Arab Mare

Elayna Half Arab Mare

Shakanah! Grey, sculpted by Debbi LerMond

Shakanah! Original

Shakanah! Original 2006

Bronze Treasure of Egypt

Bronze Sculptures

Take a look at some of my bronze sculptures from 1979 to present.

2014 Year of the horse

2014 Year of the Horse

2014 Year of the Horse


Firiona & Phoenix

Firiona & Phoenix by
Kitty Cantrell & Debbi LerMond

Owner's Photos

Vertical Limit

A sculpture of Richard Spooner's Hanoverian gelding Robinson.

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