Annihilator Venti Test Print


The Annihilator “Angry Drafter” is a beautifully remastered Boulonnais stallion.  I was excited to see him printed after meticulously remastering him for months. Larry scaled him to be a true Venti size at 1:20. Then he manually added light touch supports and sliced him in Lychee for printing at 22 microns. The first print was used to verify the support positions, proper exposure, lift and retract print parameters. The result is this amazing “test print” in true Venti scale for this 15.2hh stallion and it was perfect. I cleaned him up and made him paint ready saving you valuable prep time. No details was lost because I used 2 micron Stynylrez gray air brush primer. Now he is ready for you or your painter to bring him to life. Don’t miss the chance to add this bad boy to your collection. Ready to ship right now. Click “Add to Cart” before he is gone as the regular Venti Scale Annihilator edition was sold out months ago.

He comes with Magne-Click and two round metal bases. He is encoded with an RFID for security (it’s a digital serial number). Like a real pet, any pet scanner can read the serial number. Finally, he comes with a 4″ x 6″ glossy Certificate of Authenticity.

Bonus! I am including a free micro Aisha Azzizi “Zizi” with this guy. Second from the right in the photo.

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