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My last CM personal Artist’s Copy #AC4 of Elayna. She is paint ready and already sprayed with Tamiya Fine Surface Primer (White). If you want to start the new year with a bang, you can be the new owner of this awesome gal. Elayna is a Large Traditional Resin. This is Artist’s Copy 4 of 4, not to be confused with Artist’s Choice. Elayna Sold Out in 2019. Elayna has with RFID transponder, Magne-Click base, and color COA.

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Elayna, Arabian Mare

It has been over 4 years since I last wrote you so I figured it was time to give you an update on my business and life. We moved from Duvall to Leavenworth, WA in January 2017 and our office to Cashmere, WA at the same time. We are slowly expanding our office space to now include an indoor casting facility for ICS; a fulfillment center, office and art studio. After taking the needed time off to allow my hands to recover, I am back to work sculpting again! My first new sculpture has been in the works for many years and her time has come to be cast in a resin edition. This is Elayna, a large Traditional (1/8th scale) Hollowcast Polyurethane resin edition of a One Mold Run who is the companion model to my Shakanah! limited edition resin. Unlike Shakanah! though, Elayna will be offered with the first 10 castings Artist Choice painted and the rest of the edition will be sold unpainted.

Inspired by the grey Arabian stallion in the photo above, I began Elayna as a need to find a companion sculpture for my Shakanah! Limited Edition Resin many years ago.

Elayna Go-By Inspiration
Elayna & Faith
Elayna Go-By Inspiration
Elayna will be my first sculpture in the past 4 years and her name in French, “Shining Light” is a fitting tribute to how my life has turned around for the better. Anyone who is an artist understands what you deal with when what’s inside you comes out in your work. I went through some very dark days and could see it ruining some of my custom sculptures I was working on at the time. So I did the best thing for myself and that was take a holistic approach to healing my body, mind and spirit. Elayna will be sculpted using my FXclay and made into a One Mold Run (approximately 60 castings).

Faith and Elayna

Since I began my sculpting journey with Elayna, I found a beautiful Half Arabian mare whom I will be using as a live model, working from life. She goes by her barn name of Faith and I have faith that she will help me to create a true treasure in the finished Elayna!
Elayna is large Traditional 1/8th scale (approximately the same scale as Shakanah!), hollowcast of Pristine White Polyurethane resin with RFID technology for positive ID. Elayna will come with a full color COA suitable for framing and be offered unpainted in small groups of cleaned up models ready to ship. Each casting will be partially prepped. For some people, this is paint ready; for others, they may want to do more but keep in mind I spend months putting in a LOT of detail and what you get with my resins includes that detail. If you aren’t used to my resins, do not expect them to be as smooth as Breyer horses as they have wrinkles, veins and whisker bumps just like real horses. The journey begins NOW!
Elayna Master

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    Francie W

    Hello, Debbi and Larry!! Gorgeous Elayna arrived safe and sound today, even more spectacular than I imagined! I am so thrilled, the detail is amazing…Thank you so very, very much for sharing your artistry with me. I love her, what a treasure! Here’s to a Happy New Year! All the best & thank you again, she is breathtaking…💕

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