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Model Horse Garage Sale

Fall is in the air and I’m doing some Fall house keeping at my studio to make room for incoming Traditional and Classic scale Shakanah! prints. They take up quite a bit of room so I’ve been clearing out some shelves and boxes of resins I’ve had for up to 20 years! All models are being offered with 6 time payments. You can pay off early any time for immediate shipment (except for the AC Standing Ovation). All models are packed in shock-absorbing polyethylene foam (no toilet paper), peanuts and bubble wrap. Models insured for full value with signature tracking.

Models Offered:

  • My only one left, my Artist’s Copy of The Annihilator V2 Traditional, ready to ship. Hollowcast white resin.
  • 3 Peasant Stomper Artist’s Copies, 1 Trad, 1 CM Short Tail Curio and 1 CM Long Tail Curio. Hollowcast white resin. Ready to ship.
  • The Godolphin Arabian & Grimalkin the cat CM AC 2/7. There is the only one left! Hollowcast white resin. Ready to ship.
  • Standing Ovation (work in progress), ASB stallion, CM Artist’s Copy with lengthened hooves and tail. Hollowcast white resin. Ready to ship.
  • The Tempest, Merhorse given as trophies for the 2003 Northwest Regional Championships Model Horse Show. My only Artist’s Copy, CM’d. Hollowcast white resin but a bit yellowed after 20 years. Ready to ship.
  • Curio 1:18 Shakanah! and SM 1:32 Shakanah! 3D Printed at 28 and 22 microns respectively with 8K resin. Paint Ready Prep and primered with Stynylrez. Ready to ship.

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