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Shakanah! in Micro Mini Scale!

Can you believe it? A micro mini Shakanah! Check out how detailed he is! Just Incredible!

Monthly Time Payments Available

When we first offered up the Shakanah! bundles, we calculated which size scales we could feel confident to offer. That did not include a micro mini, even though we had many people who wanted that scale. A couple of weeks ago, I asked Larry if he could try to print Shakanah! in micro mini scale. He did go into Lychee and set up the supports to do a micro mini scale resin of Shakanah! and we began a test print at 22 microns on our Mini 8K printer (which was just sitting idle after printing all of the SM scale models). This brings us to today where we are happy to offer up a Limited Edition Micro Mini scale Shakanah!

Please Consider Before PurchasingThe Shakanah! Micro Mini is difficult for us to print even at 22 microns. His ears, forelock, mane and tail are very delicate and can easily break if dropped or roughly handled. You must take care when handling and painting him. I’ve already done the hard part by removing the supports, adding the Magna-Click™ magnet, RFID, sanding and airbrush primer. He is ready to paint unless you want to spend a bit more time fine sanding him. Since this is a limited edition, you will not be able to get a replacement if you break your model and repairs may be found to be challenging.

[Sorry it was getting late so I didn’t do focus stacking when taking the photos and Debbi hasn’t finished cleaning him up.]

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