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Own a Piece of History: “Shakanah!” Remastered Model in Venti Scale

Unleash the Power: “Shakanah!” Remastered in Venti Scale

Experience the untamed spirit of Debbi LerMond’s iconic “Shakanah!” sculpture in a stunning 1:20 Venti scale. More than just a model, the “Shakanah!” Remastered Venti is a testament to Debbi’s artistry. This meticulous remastering process preserves the equine power and breathtaking detail that continues to enthrall horse lovers of all ages.

Dominate Live Shows or Start Your Collection

The Venti scale offers the perfect balance. Faithfully representing the original 15.2hh Arabian Stallion, it showcases intricate details without demanding vast display space. Imagine “Shakanah!” turning heads and mesmerizing judges at live shows, a true contender in the “Artist Resin” class.

Unmatched Precision Meets Artistic Passion

Debbi’s dedication shines through cutting-edge 3D printing at 22 microns. This surpasses traditional methods, capturing the essence with unmatched precision. The result? A breathtakingly lifelike miniature that embodies the power and grace of the Arabian stallion, leaving you in “Shock and Awe” (Shakanah!).

A Statement Piece for Home or Show Table

The Venti “Shakanah!” isn’t just a model; it’s a conversation starter, a reminder of the untamed beauty of the Arabian horse. Its intricate details ignite a passion for equestrian art, whether you’re a first time buyer or seasoned collector.

Own a Piece of Debbi’s Legacy

The “Shakanah!” Remastered Venti is a limited edition, offering a chance to add a touch of equine elegance to your collection and potentially dominate live shows. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a remarkable model horse!

Capture the Spirit of “Shakanah!”

Bring home “Shakanah!” Remastered in Venti scale and immerse yourself in the captivating world of equine artistry. Each piece is crafted to inspire and endure, a true reflection of Debbi LerMond’s passion for excellence in sculpting for over 60 years.

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Experience “Shakanah!” Remastered Venti Ahead of Schedule

While Debbi painstakingly completes existing model orders, we’re excited to offer you an early opportunity to acquire “Shakanah!” Remastered in Venti scale. This accelerated timeline is made possible by the exceptional talent and expertise of Larry, Debbi’s trusted collaborator of over 25 years.

Demand for Excellence

The overwhelming demand for the ‘Shakanah!’ series underscores Debbi’s unmatched artistry. The original edition sold out within days, totaling over 300 models. Each piece in the remastered series undergoes a meticulous printing process spanning 1 to 3 days per model, followed by extensive preparation. Even after two years, we continue to fulfill orders diligently, with each model requiring days to weeks for finishing touches by Debbi and Larry, including 3D printing support removal, tooling, sanding, washing, priming, and shipping.

Prioritizing Your Satisfaction

Rest assured, Debbi’s commitment to fulfilling back-ordered models remains unwavering. Larry’s laborious preparation allows Debbi to concentrate fully on sculpting the intricate details that define every model on back order.

A Legacy of Expertise

Larry is not just a colleague! With over 50 years of experience in horsemanship, he possesses an unparalleled understanding of equine anatomy across various breeds. His role in capturing the essence of Debbi’s horse sculptures through photography and measuring the live models for reference photos ensures that each miniature rendition comes to life authentically.

Unwavering Dedication

Together, Debbi and Larry have worked on thousands of models over the decades. Their combined expertise guarantees that every detail of “Shakanah!” Remastered Venti and all of Debbi’s other creations receive meticulous care and attention.

Secure Your Piece of History

By offering the “Shakanah!” Venti edition ahead of schedule, Debbi can expedite existing orders while you seize the opportunity to own a piece of her enduring legacy. Embrace the beauty of “Shakanah!” in Venti scale today.

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