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Equus Series – Year of the Horse 2014 – .999 Fine Silver Coin


Introducing the inaugural piece from the captivating “Equus Series” by esteemed equine sculptor, Debbi LerMond. Crafted to celebrate the Sheng Xiao “Chinese zodiac” for 2014, the Year of the Horse, this bas relief stands as a stunning testament to artistry and cultural significance. Limited to an edition of just 200, each meticulously crafted in .999 Fine Silver, this commemorative coin captures the essence of the equine spirit in exquisite detail.


The Arabian Stallion in .999 Fine Silver

Introducing the inaugural masterpiece from the prestigious “Equus Series” by renowned equine sculptor, Debbi LerMond. This exquisite bas relief, crafted in .999 Fine Silver Round edition, pays homage to the Sheng Xiao “Chinese zodiac” for 2014, the Year of the Horse. With over 60 years of immersion in the equestrian world, Debbi’s passion for these majestic creatures shines through in every detail. For her debut edition, she chose to spotlight the graceful head that distinguishes the Arabian breed, drawing inspiration from the captivating presence of the stallion, Najjar. Limited to just 200 pieces, each meticulously crafted one Troy ounce round is sequentially numbered for authenticity, ensuring the legacy of the artist’s vision. Experience the artistry and elegance of the equine world captured in silver perfection.
Arabian Horse - Obverse 1 toz

The Obverse

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of the Arabian horse with this captivating head study. Crafted by acclaimed sculptor Debbi LerMond, it embodies the essence of the Arabian breed, capturing its exotic elegance that has enthralled enthusiasts worldwide for centuries. Inspired by the majestic presence of Najjar, the senior sire of Koo Arabians, every detail of this sculpture exudes grace and refinement. Beyond its stunning appearance, Najjar is a testament to the Arabian's excellence, boasting a championship pedigree in both halter and performance arenas. Own a piece of equestrian history and celebrate the unparalleled beauty and prowess of the Arabian breed with this exquisite Silver Round Edition.


The Reverse

Indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship of the Equus Series Silver Round, a timeless masterpiece inspired by the emblematic HMS Unbridled badge. This meticulously designed round portrays the graceful form of an Arabian horse leaping through a captivating rope frame, symbolizing the boundless spirit and agility of this noble breed. Adorned with regal accents, including a majestic crown atop Debbi's esteemed company name, Unbridled, LLC, this round exudes a sense of grandeur and prestige. A delicate ribbon gracefully drapes along the bottom, bearing the poignant phrase "Pro Libertate" (For Freedom), serving as a poignant reminder of the enduring values and aspirations intertwined with the equestrian world. Elevate your collection with this exquisite tribute to equine elegance and the timeless pursuit of freedom.


Each Silver Round in this esteemed collection is carefully encased within a clear Air-Tite capsule, ensuring optimal preservation while proudly displaying the intricate details on both sides, including the reeded edge. Delivered in an elegant blue Leatherette presentation display case, adorned with a striking gold-stamped Equus Series logo and a luxurious velvet interior, each round is not just protected but also presented with the utmost beauty and sophistication. Adding an extra layer of protection, a high gloss white box sleeve, also adorned with the Equus Series logo in gold, safeguards the Leatherette case. As a tribute to the significance of 2014, the Year of the Horse and the Fixed Element of Fire coupled with the Year Element of Wood, this inaugural Silver Round edition in the Equus Series by Debbi LerMond embodies a double Yang (+) significance, symbolizing progress, foresight, and upward momentum. Capture the essence of this momentous year with a timeless addition to your collection.

About the Sculptor

Debbi LerMond
2014 Year of the horse

Meet Debbi LerMond, a proud native of Washington State, born and raised amidst the scenic beauty of Seattle. From the earliest moments of her life, horses have been her constant companions, with Debbi riding them before she even took her first steps. Her deep-rooted passion for these majestic creatures blossomed as she began carving them as a child, igniting a lifelong love affair with the art of sculpting.

Throughout the years, Debbi has explored and mastered various mediums, from wood and clay to leather, ceramic, resin, and precious metals like bronze, silver, and gold. Her journey into limited edition sculptures commenced in 1980, captivating the hearts of collectors worldwide, with her creations swiftly selling out to prominent art enthusiasts.

Debbi’s remarkable talent caught the eye of filmmakers, leading to the inclusion of her bronze horses in the acclaimed 1984 documentary, “The Creation of National Treasures,” now proudly displayed in the Museum of Man. However, it’s her profound affinity for the Arabian horse that truly defines her legacy. Over five decades, she has dedicated herself to the raising, training, breeding, and showcasing of National quality Arabian horses in her home state of Washington.

Drawing inspiration from her own cherished equine companions, Debbi has crafted some of the most captivating and sought-after equine sculptures in the world. Each piece reflects not only her exceptional skill but also her deep connection to these magnificent animals, capturing their beauty and spirit for generations to admire.


Strike QualityProof-like
Purity.999 Fine Silver
Silver Content1 Troy Ounce
Diameter39mm, 1½ inches
Thickness3mm, ~0.117 inches
Edge TypeReeded with Rim
Edge Inscription:3 Digit Mint Edition #
Sculptor InitialsDAL

Additional information

Weight.49 lbs
Dimensions4 × 3.5 × 1 in


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