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Zoey! Traditional Arabian Filly


You ask me to do a “True to Scale” Traditional 1:9 scale Arabian Filly. Well, here she is. Her name is Zoey and she be a wonderful family addition for your traditional scale Arabian mare.

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Many of my clients wanted a 3D print of my Traditional scale Arab filly, Zizi. She was a Limited Edition of 18 painted and 12 unpainted worldwide and sold out in 2006 and no more offerings ever available but life found a way! Larry came up with a solution to mirror Zizi in Blender and have me remaster her to make a new resin Arabian filly. She has all of the flair and nuances of Zizi but is mirrored going the opposite way. Zizi’s mirror twin is named, Zoey which comes from the Greek Bible to represent Eve as the beginning of new life. Life really did find a way and I am delighted to introduce this brand new filly as my first new edition sculpture for 2023. Zoey is available in a 3D Unpainted Resin Limited Edition of 30 worldwide. She comes primered and ready to paint and/or CM. She has all of her info in the RFID chip and comes with a color COA as well. She is hollow printed and made from  8K resin at 82D hardness.
Photos show Zoey with Zizi in Traditional and Classic.

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