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Debbi LerMond

Equine Sculptor

203 Mission Ave Ste 201

Cashmere, WA 98815 - Appt Only

+1 206-274-9114

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Mon - Fri: 11 AM - 9 PM

I'm always online.

Elayna Update – 1 Available!


Summer is almost here - Elayna almost done!

Summer is just around the corner and I’m working on my Elayna backlog to finish up the rest of the edition in the next few weeks. Each casting is a labor of love as they are individually cleaned up, assembled and tooled out to become custom resins. No two are exactly alike which makes each one very special. Since most Elayna buyers are anxious to get their resin(s), I send out an email to the ones ready to ship. If there is still shipping owed on the resin and I don’t here from you I will pass over your number and ship to the next person in line. Once shipping is paid, I will ship your resin unless I receive instructions to hold off shipping (due to the coronavirus restrictions). Since I do most of the clean-up on the resins, final sanding is all that is needed to make them paint ready.

Elayna #32 - Available Right Now!

Since I am shipping Elaynas in numerical order, I occasionally have a blank Elayna become available. This happenedĀ  over a week ago with Elayna #32. She is available to ship immediately as soon as full payment is received. The button below will take you to the where you can purchase her. You can select PayPal, Credit Card, Amazon Pay, or Affirm. You can set up monthly payments through Affirm. No matter the payment method you choose, Elayna #32 will ship to you immediately as soon as you commit to purchasing her.

Want to know what I'm going to do next?

How about two collaborations between myself and sculptors S.T. and K.C. Get ready for some exciting new sculptures between me and … Who do you think those initials belong to? Do you think you’re right? We’ll see…

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