What’s on the horizon…


A new resin material in the studio.

I have come to a point in my career as a professional sculptor where I need to maximize my efforts. I’ve been in the model horse hobby now for over twenty years with thousands of models which I have cast and cleaned up myself. After a 5 year layoff for health reasons, I am now back to work with my latest resin edition, “Elayna”. I will be spending the next month casting and cleaning the edition up for all of the people who purchased her back in June of 2019. I have many ideas floating around in my head of future work I would like to do but there’s not enough hours in the day to get them all sculpted, cast and cleaned up. I have to be able to work smarter – NOT harder!

This is where technology comes in to my rescue! I am fortunate enough to be married to a techno guru husband who can help me bridge the gap between knowledge and application when it comes to computer technology. Thank God for Larry! Together, we will be putting our knowledge together to achieve results I only dreamed possible. Today, a package arrived which opened the door to these new possibilities I thought would never happen. Above and below, I’ve included some photos which will intrigue many of you and hopefully get you excited where we are going with this! Hang onto your hats because HorseModels will be raising the bar again!

Below is the resin model called, “Horse” by Tommy Kong. He is 3″ tall and came encased in a sprue cage shown in the above photos. After snapping them off, I went to town. I love this resin material! It’s 76D, exactly the same hardness as my FXclay! It has some “give” but is rigid enough to support thin legs and hair and it tools wonderfully! I have spent about 30 minutes on him so far but decided to add some FXclay to fill in gross errors on the model. I wanted to test the compatibility of the resin with my FXclay. As soon as it hardens, I will tool it out to see how well the two materials transition. His head is just a blob right now as the original horse had way too small a head for the body. Also, his ears were sculpted on backwards! Since I am spending some time on this model, I plan to finish him up, get him painted and possibly show him. If he turns out well, I will offer him up for sale as a OOAK resin. As I work on him, I will add more photos of the progress I make but so far, so good! I’m a happy camper with this new resin!

Image 7
"Horse" by Tommy Kong, 3" 3D Printed Model